Why should I book with RotterdamIDtours?
Booking a tour with RotterdamIDtours means getting a professional and unique tour. We differ from other companies because we emphasize the different historical identities of Rotterdam. In this way we hope that our customers will get a better understanding of Rotterdam and see the greater picture. And please note there will be plenty of room to laugh during our tours.
Do I need any specific knowledge of Rotterdam to join a tour?
No, definitely not! Everyone is welcome! Our tours accessible for every tourist who wants to know more about Rotterdam. Our tours might also be attractive for students; they can use a tour for educational purposes. And of course our tours are perfect for a company outing.
What language is spoken during a tour?
When there are participants who don't understand Dutch, the Tour Guide will provide the information in English. 
What's the difference between a normal and group tour?
Our group tours are especially for one group. Our normal tours are for individual bookings. 
I want to book a tailor-made tour. Is this possible?
Yes, of course. Please send an email to info@rotterdamidtours.com for your request.
How many people are in a group?
We're keen to ensure that the groups are not too large. Therefore, we've placed a limit of 20 persons for each tour. 
Is an online reservation obligatory?
Yes. You need  to make a reservation at least 24 hours before the start of a tour. The Feyenoord Kick Scooter Tour needs to be booked minimum 72 hours in advance.
Tips and Gratuities
If you feel that the Tour Guide has done a good job then it is appropriate to give hem/her a tip.
How early should I arrive before the start of a tour?
Please come 5-10 minutes for the alotted time so that we will be ready to start on time.
What happens if I don't show up on time?
Most likely the Guide has started the tour and may be moved away from the starting point. The Guide is instructed to begin the tour at the designated time.
What happens if I do or can not show up (on time)? Can I get a refund?
No, we're afraid not. If there are extenuating circumstances for being unable to come (on time), please send a mail to info@rotterdamidtours.com. Maybe we can offer you an opportunity to join another tour (on another day).
In which circumstances can I get a refund?
1. You can get a full refund when you cancel the tour at least 24 hours before the start of a individual or group tour.
2. You can get a full refund when the tour is cancelled when the minimum of 2 persons has not been reached.
3. You can get a full refund when the tour is cancelled due major transportation issues or extreme weather conditions. Both are very rare.
What happens if a tour is cancelled?
You will receive a notification by telephone or email that the tour has been cancelled. RotterdamIDtours will try to inform you 12 hours in advance. The only exception is sudden major transportation problems. The refund of the full amount will take place within 3 working days.
How long will the tours last?
The duration of the Free Highlights Tour will be approximately 2 hours and all the other tours around 2,5 hours.
How far do we walk? How far do we ride with the kick scooter?
All the walks are approximately 2 kilometres with 10-15 stops on the way. The Feyenoord Kick Scooter Tour is approximately 10 kilometres with also 10-15 stops.
I'm not used to handle a kick scooter. Is this a problem?
No, we will definitely take it easy and Rotterdam is flat apart from one bridge we will cross.
Can anyone join a tour?
Our tours are fun and educational for all ages, but require good mobility. Please keep this in mind.
Do you cater for disabilities?
We try to be as inclusive as possible. If you have any particular disability, please email us beforehand and we will do our best to ensure the tour works for you.
Are there any discounts for students or Senior Citizens or students?
Currently we do not have any special discounts.
What do I need to bring?
We would suggest a pair of comfortable shoes. Dress also according to the predicted weather conditions. Bringing a poncho or umbrella is always a good idea with the changeable weather in Holland. During warm days we recommend to bring a bottle water with you. Please note that we will not stop during our tours for breaks. 
Who is responsible for the safety of the participants?
The Tour Guide will remind you of safety precautions at the beginning of the tour, but each member of the group is responsible for his or her own safety.
Are the kick scooters insured?
No. If you break or damage the kick scooter, you will have to pay. If you handle the kick scooter in a normal way and follow the instructions of the Tour Guide, there is nothing to worry about.
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