Hans Koole ‐ Founder RotterdamIDtours
Hi, I’m the founder of RotterdamIDtours. I’m a historian and work also as a journalist. I’m specialized in the history of Rotterdam and the football club Feyenoord. During my tours I would love to tell you some amazing, funny and moving stories about “my” city. My tours are always family friendly and I love to guide you with a personal touch. During my tours there is no rush and I will make sure you can experience Rotterdam in a easy way.
Explanation brand name RotterdamIDtours
The name RotterdamIDtours refers to a few unique identities of Rotterdam. These identities are recurrent themes during my tours. This are the 3 main identities of Rotterdam: Rotterdam as a port city, Rotterdam as a post-war city and Rotterdam as a a-typical Dutch modern city. 
  • Offering tours for every budget to get to know the wonderful city of Rotterdam.
  • Providing an unforgettable experience with the perfect style of infotainment.
  • Enjoy an authentic experience by a local guide who will tell you more about Rotterdam as port city, Rotterdam as a post-war reconstruction city and Rotterdam as a a-typical Dutch modern city.

Spoken languages
The language for the tours is Dutch English, German or French. When there are non-Dutch participants who can’t understand Dutch, the spoken language will be English, German or French. Please let us know what you prefer.
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